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 Gold Coast Doggy Daycare
Sniff Out the Fun!


Your Pup's Second Home! 

Welcome to Gold Coast Doggy Daycare—where every dog gets the star treatment! Nestled in the middle of Bundall, we paw-vide a boutique experience that guarantees oodles of playtime and personalised attention. No pup is ever overlooked in our playground paradise!

Is your furry buddy spending too many hours home alone? Worried they're not getting enough play or exercise? Well, fret no more! At Gold Coast Doggy Daycare, we're all about enhancing your dog’s happiness in an atmosphere that's both fun and secure. Our passionate team of dog lovers is trained to pamper and supervise your pet, ensuring they have a blast every single day.


So, drop off your doggy, and let us fill their day with joyful activities and endless fun. Trust us to be the second home where your dog can wiggle, wag, and wonder!

Where Every Dog Feels at Home

At Gold Coast Doggy Daycare, we understand that there's no place like home for your dog. That's why we strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where every dog feels comfortable and loved.

Got a pup with a rumbling tummy? Whether they skipped breakfast or just need their midday munch, we're here to help! Just bring their chow in a container marked with their name, and we'll make sure they're fed and happy.

Lunch Time Tails

If your furry friend needs medicine or has allergies, just give us the scoop with clear instructions and a label with their name. If treats are a no-go, let our staff know both online and in person, so we can keep those no-nos away!

Medicine and Munchies


7:00am to 9:00am: Morning hellos with supervised free play. 9:00am to 12:30pm: Brain games and structured fun. Special crafty capers for our half-day heroes on festive days! 12:30pm to 2:00pm: Dream time and lunch break for a well-earned rest. 2:00pm to 4:30pm: More enrichment antics and puzzle plays, with extra goodies for our full-day furry friends. 4:30pm to 5:30pm: Time to say goodbye with a final frolic in our play paradise.

A Day in the Life at Gold Coast Doggy Daycare

At Gold Coast Doggy Daycare, it’s not just any day—it’s THE day! We’re all about keeping tails wagging with loads of games and special events. Just a sniff of the fun: Rainbow Ribbon Racing Follow the Leader Frolics Bubbly Bounce and Sit Circle Piggy in the Middle and Water Wonders Snuffle Mat Madness and Towel Treasure Hunts Command Crisps—and that’s just a snippet!

Play and Learn

We don’t just play; we party! Our themed days are stuffed with fun and crafts. From Easter Eggscapades to a Christmas Cheer Fest, and from Superhero Showdowns to Pajama Jamborees—we celebrate them all, making every day a paws-itively unique adventure!

Celebrations and Shindigs

Check Out Our Space

The Pup Zones

We've designed our facility to suit a wide variety of canine personalties and energy levels.
We have the following zones so every dog can have their best day!​

Doggy Daycare

Where Paws Go Wild!

This special area is designed for our energetic pups who love to run, play, and let loose. Here, dogs can enjoy a safe and spacious environment where they can indulge in their natural instinct to zoom around and burn off excess energy so dogs can go home happy and tired.

 Whether it's a quick burst of energy or a longer play session, the Zoomie Zone is always buzzing with excitement!

Wide Open Spaces

Safe Play Equipment

Clean and Secure Environment


Supervised Play

Gold Coast Doggy daycare

The Paw-fect Play Zone

The ultimate spot for dogs who enjoy a gentle, fun, and friendly environment. It’s a playful paradise for first-timers and calmer pups who love to play, meet new friends, and have a paws-itively great time!

Great for First Timers

Gentle Pups who love Fun

Engaging Play 

Lots of Cuddles 

Meet New Friends

daycare dog

A Dreamy Retreat for Resting Pups

Tired pups can relax and recharge in ultimate comfort. Perfect for dogs needing a little downtime, whether they're taking a break from playtime, enjoying a peaceful meal, or simply napping. It's a snug sanctuary where every dog can rest, relax, and wake up ready for more fun and adventure!

Stress-Free Zone

Cozy Nooks

Peaceful Meal Times

doggy daycare

Gentle Supervision

Paw-some Comfort

Pup and Play Academy

Play, Learn and Grow!

Welcome to the Pup and Play Academy at Gold Coast Doggy Daycare, where fun meets foundational training for your adorable young pup (12 weeks and older)! We're all about creating joyful and enriching experiences that foster both socialization and early obedience skills.

What's the Woof About?

  • 5 Hours of Pup Playtime: Each day is packed with paw-some play! Your little one will make new furry friends and learn the ropes of doggy social etiquette in our safe and supervised daycare.

  • Daily Tail-Wagging Tutoring: Snag a 30-minute one-on-one with our puppy pros! They'll teach your pup the essentials like "sit," "stay," and "come," not to mention mastering the art of the leash.

Choose Your Pup’s Path:​

Weekly Wagathon:

  • Duration: 5 days (Monday to Friday)

  • Hours: 5 hours of daycare each day

  • Price: $200 total

  • Includes: Daily 30-minute one-on-one training sessions, plus playtime with peers.

Steady Pup Steps:

  • Duration: Once a week for 5 weeks

  • Hours: 5 hours per session

  • Price: $200 total (equivalent to $40 per session)

  • Includes: Weekly 30-minute one-on-one training sessions, consistent practice and learning.

What’s Included in Both Options:

  • Tailored training in basic obedience (sit, stay, come, lead walking).

  • Significant socialisation time in a supervised, safe environment.

  • Take-home homework to reinforce daily lessons.

Perks of Learning and Growing With Us:

  • Enjoy 8-10 times more socialization compared to typical puppy schools.

  • Extra training sessions to boost those budding skills.

  • Homework that’s actually fun—practice makes perfect between sessions!

Bring your pup to the ultimate Pup Academy at Gold Coast Doggy Daycare, where early lessons are wrapped in loads of fun and new adventures!

The Pawsome Crew

Paws behind the play!

Meet the pawsome crew at Gold Coast Doggy Daycare! We are a vibrant team of dog-loving experts, dedicated to making every tail wag and every snout smile. From our playtime pros to our snack-time specialists, each member brings their unique touch of magic to our furry friends' day. We're passionate, we're playful, and we're all about creating a pawsitively fantastic experience for your pup! 



"Cuddles, plays and happy pups are the best!"

  • Many years experience working with dogs.

  • Focused on giving your pup the best day ever!

  • Loves to play tug of war. 



"love to watch doggos grow"

  • Many years of working with animals and even running her own doggy business.

  • Foster mum to many dogs.

  • Bubbly and loves to have a chat!



"feel like I've got the luckiest job in the world!"

  • Certificate II in Animal Studies.

  • Loves learning about dogs and training. 

  • Makes sure your fur-baby has the best time ever!



"dogs ... I couldn't imagine my life without them!"

  • over 10 years working with dogs.

  • Experienced dog trainer.

  • National Diploma in Animal Management. 



"I have a soft spot for dogs"

  • Over 5 years experience working with dogs.

  • Loves building connections.

  • Brings out confidence in dogs and lets their personalties shine!



"Love.... to see the dogs make new friends"

  • Studying Vet technology.

  • Loves to learn about animals

  • Happy and excited dogs are her favourite

How to book daycare

How to Book  - Gingr

Online Booking System


Click the Book Now button and Click "SIGN UP"

Fill in the required information about you and your pup, with as much detail as possible. 

* If booking through the Gingr APP you will need the

invite code - 140409


Upload Vaccination Records 
Current C5 Vaccination 
*Please refer to terms and conditions for full requirements of booking.

The system will not let you make a booking untill vaccination records are uploaded and approved.

1. Scroll down and click Accounts

2. Click Upload Records

3. Drag and Drop files in. 

4. Once approved by a team member you will be able to book.

*Approval is usually within 24 hours but please contact us to get approved sooner. 

Gingr  daycare
Gingr how to book daycare
Online booking  day care


Make a Booking

1. Select the booking category and if you would like Full-Day or Half-Day.  

2. Select Date and Pick-up and Drop-off times.

3. Select any add-on services.

4. Add any notes about the booking e.g. Lunch. requirements, No treats, Medications, Promo Codes.

5. Review your booking which will show you date and time of booking and total cost.

6. Review terms and conditions and click agree.

7. Click Submit Request.

8. Your booking will be approved as soon as possible.

9. You should receive an email confirming your booking and you  will be able to see if your booking is confirmed by checking the booking page in Gingr.

10. If you need to cancel your booking you can do that in the booking page or by contacting us. Please cancel your booking at least 12 hours before to avoid cancellation fees.

*Please contact us if you have any questions 

How to book day care
Book now  day care
Best doggy daycare book now
Number 1 doggy daycare

Requirements before booking:


Dogs must be up to date with all necessary vaccinations, including a current C5 vaccination (protecting against Parvovirus, Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Bordetella, commonly known as canine cough). They must also be treated for ticks and fleas. 



Desexing is not required, but female dogs in heat (including during the duration of bleeding and an additional two weeks after the last spotting) cannot attend daycare.



Owners must notify Gold Coast Doggy Daycare of any behavioural issues their dogs have been displaying outside the daycare. Dogs that display aggression toward other dogs or staff may be removed from play and may be barred from returning, pending a staff review.

These rules are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all dogs in the care of Gold Coast Doggy Daycare.

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